song hiding right in front of my ears – a tiny soundbite for the day

a dear friend has noticed how singing is such an apt ‘metaphor for the way we can learn to communicate, for it seems to take into account the fact that we need to listen to others even as we empower our own contribution’.  (thank you, carolyn). keeping  harmony, literally.

the thing that i’ve noticed, as i’ve been attending to the geese this week, is how easily i can fail to detect their riotous clamor even when they are directly over my head.  the slightest sound seems to drown them out… the sound of my own footfall, the hum of the refrigerator, the idling of the car’s engine.

how can that be? it just amazes me because, when i pause to listen beneath the noise, they are so loud! i wonder at the layers and layers of meaning and context we miss in each moment, assuming that the sound in the foreground is all that there is, while so many opportunities to experience harmony fly right over our heads.

how would it be to turn off the noise for awhile, feel the deep resonance of that….

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