awe brushes tenderly my cheek

softening my gaze

upon this precious


amazing creature that you are

embodiment of love

becoming beauty




today i learned one thing

that when the precious vessel fell

it wasn’t pushed, or tipped, or bumped,

it jumped


and the report of that breakage

jolted me awake

to awe

for that one in me

in you

who has the courage

to say yes


to partaking of this love-

making that is life

breaking that is vital

to becoming





through the wood

through the wood

i came uncertain

stumbling on the shelter

and as i stood upon the threshold

my wrist poised to knock

i knew not why nor what

had brought me


the door did open then

of its own accord

my request it needed not

though still i could not see

who was bidding me to come



the table spread before

i knew that i was hungry

the fire told me

i was cold

twas then i stepped across and turned

to close the door behind me


and in that sudden silent still

i heard

the beating of my heart




sunny day love

sunny day love


if words could cry, these words would weep

for holes in hearts where love seeps

like sand from a sieve, despite the Desperate

filling, it spills faster than love can replenish




then these tears

might moisten love

clog up the holes

make it stick

saying more

soggy, slippery, and soft

something here is thawing

i hadn’t even realized it was winter

though days indeed seemed short

the nights weren’t long enough

to dream

no heavy blankets tossed across the beds

sanctioning my burrow in the cover

pushed aside, i was pushing

buds, though i intended toward my roots

beneath, below the bustle

that belonged to spring, but

here i am, the spinning ceases not

for me to catch, and sudden warmth

feels right upon my skin

as i inhale this earthy fragrance

that i am, and now

i notice

something here is thawing

soggy, slippery and soft


the one thing necessary

out of the blue

you appear, a fleeting flight

to flutter, then to light, to draw

the nectar that i am

your gentle probing stirs

something inside me

and though i cling, wantonly

to you

the seeds you carry forth

into some other field

i cannot know

your colors fade into the sun

and i am left

here in this growing season

ravished, and releasing

petals on the soil

and falling thankfully

(this too shall pass)

becoming fertile

earth to greet

your immaculate conception

morning prayer


fall softly over me

with your gossamer garment,  

in tender flowing folds

drape me in your light

that i may feel your gentle touch upon my skin

with every move i make, the brush

on belly, breast

reminding me of beauty


come caress these curves

in the sensual fabric of your love

be my sheer chiffon

that through your translucent

delicate embrace

they might see



adorn me through this day

and let me frequently recall

this moment when i took you from the hook

pulled you from my closet

and said yes

to wearing You

peering through the veil

how can it be that i stand here panting, naked, cowering

in the middle of this garden sudden hostile

when it seems that my last breath was fuel for the dance

oh, which was the bite inhaled

the one whose toxins tainted me with shame

with this intense desire to hide


the predatory glance that filled my lungs with fear

but love,

i hear

you calling, searching as if i

am something precious you have lost

i hear

the quaver, your own breath exposing,

your intense desire

that i come back to dance with you

i hear


but this yes-yes. yes-yes. yes-yes

rhythm in my heart

oh love, how i rise within your gaze

fully into flower, to softly sway

before your admiration

even as your arms do fall in this embrace

enfolding beauty

in the softness of your veil

wearing you, i am

flowing, fluid, inspiration

wearing you, i am

naked grace

wearing you,

wearing you,

wearing only you

i am

sophia’s sisters

Sophia’s sisters


She dances shamelessly

Her nakedness exposed

as She saunters in, around and through the room

Her fingers trailing lightly

leave their trace upon my cheek

as She glances back

seducing something vital inside me

to arise and enter in

to Her lovemaking


Her Sister, seductive in her own way,

slips silently into space

Her curves concealed completely

by the flowing robes, the veil

laced with mystery reveals

the untouchable

fleeting flash of something seeing me

wanting to be seen


the third One sits as if

not knowing She is blossom

color, fragrance, form

opening in time, responding to this

bath of sun and rain She draws

me into Her beauty

Her unfolding welcoming

my plunge



she wears a green sash

tied about her waist

her femininity irresistible

in this knotting of the bow

i’ve read all about the symbolism

in this painting of the sacred  

the red dress of humanity

the blue mantle of divine

but here i am

so simply tied together

my own eyes cinched by

by the color green


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