inn of the wood

inn of the winter wood


death fells the pine and she goes

from being shelter

to being nourishment

her inner substance revealed

in the stripping of her bark

softened she receives

the falling of the needles, leaves, and rain

into her womb

as winter stillness rises from the earth

made room for by the dying

i can see

far into the wood



Vaga bond -2

Vaga bond -2


it seems this wall

with which i try to seal You out

is no-thing at all


for You will not be contained

by something inconsequential

as concrete, stone, or brick

these things are mere illusion

a figment of my blindness


thank God my heart feels

what my eyes can’t see

and continues beating to your rhythm

your hand the touch that sets it throbbing

as though walls were bridal veils

that you can lift with ease


and You, o wandering, homeless One,

You wild and unkempt Lover, You

come waltzing through my door

as if there was no separation there

at all

to Dance Me on the hearth.






the advent



the day the geese flew north in winter

and thunder hailed from west

i stood in my back yard, entangled

in the lights and wondered

who am i


i felt You longing


the afternoon i echoed my hello

to every bird that squawked and shrieked above

to goose, and crow, and hawk with the red tail

 i mired in the mud and wondered

who am i


i felt You longing



the night that jupiter and venus

dangled by the moon

atop the scarlet setting sun

i fell asleep with You beneath my fingertips

and wondered

who am i


and felt You longing


holiness is never far

i wonder why i seek it ….

i wonder if the fish have all been eaten

or if they’re holed up neath the cold


the morning i awakened

pulling back the curtain on your splendor

i lay deep within the comfort of your promise

and wondered

who am i


and I felt only You

four winds – an advent song

four winds- an advent song


gather me, Love, gather  

these scattered pieces of my life and draw them in

that i may be



behold me, Love, and hold me,

here within Your heart

for it seems i know not

north or south

and east and west are spinning me in circles


so still me, Love, please still me

quiet me with your song

that i may follow it within

to where you wait

for me


release me, Love, release me

unbind my heart

unknow my mind

that i may Be your love

poured out upon the earth








Vaga bond


how is it that i keep on circling You

that just when i come close

this wall appears

and i am here 

and You are there

the ecstasy remembered

but not touched


and though the memory alone’s


to keep me pulsing to your rhythm

it leaves You begging over there

on the other side

for me to let You see

my face again.







extravagant blessings

o Love,

i am smiling all over

and all under

at the way You come into my eagerness

with your surprise


awakening my heart, alive

i jump right out of sleep

into delight


o You, just when i had thought

i was the one delighting You

You overflow Your Wild Extravagance

onto me

star (or breastplate of love)

i am star
and you, o love, embrace me
like the night
my heart within your heart
that as i burn i spill my radiance into you
your darkness dances round me
as natives round the fire
keeping out
these predators of fear
behold my heart
be wholed

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