Being in Love

Perhaps its the upcoming birthday with a magic number, or the birth of a grandchild whom you want to see grow into an adult, or the death of a loved one you thought would be a part of your life always*, or a diagnosis, or a great love arrives at your door that you never imagined would be yours, but all at once it hits you, You only have a short time left here in this particular life, on this exquisite earth. And you realize that you don’t want it to be over. It’s not that you’re afraid of dying, no, not that at all, but that you don’t want to leave, don’t want to miss a thing. And while there is sorrow in that, in a way, it’s really so precious a thing to realize how much you Love. How much you love Life. How much you Love this stunning earth. How much you love the people you love. And you realize how much you have been transformed by this life, how much you have healed. How beautiful a journey it has been… when perhaps once you believed to be human only meant pain. And that’s the miracle of life really. How it deepens you into Love. What a gift to be alive.

There is a line in the Mary Oliver poem, Thirst, that has become my mantra of late . “Grant me a little more time. Love for the earth and love for You are having such a long conversation in my heart”. Each morning when I wake, I hear it in my heart—just give me one more day.

So if you find yourself in despair, in unbearable pain at the cruelties you have experienced, I want you to know this is possible. One day you may find yourself too falling in love with life, feeling about it in a way you cannot even imagine from where you stand today, seeing beauty where once you saw only more desolation. Hang in there, my dear friend.

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