becoming old

Recently, a young child looked at me and said, “wow, you have a lot of hairs to pluck!” It seems his young mother has a few white ones and that’s what he’s seen her do. I said, “Oh no, i love my white hair! I keep them all! White hair is so beautiful.” To which his baby sister said, ‘but…white hair is old hair!” As if that were a bad thing? Being old? I simply replied, “oh, but I couldn’t wait for my white hair to grow in”

Ladies, (and gentlemen..I am blessed to have one of these in my life, who actually suggested to me when I was 40 to just let it grow out) we must redefine what beauty looks like. It is not dependent on hair color or age. Teach your daughters and sons, by modeling for them, that you see beauty in many ways and stages of being…including yourself. I find your thick dark hair lovely too.

But mostly, take care with how you see yourself. Your youth is not slipping away…you are Becoming More. You are not losing, you are gaining. The secret that nobody tells you in our culture is that growing old is a beautiful thing. Looking old is not an insult, it is a blessing. Aging can truly be Grace. In it, there is deepening joy and peace.

White hair is like the butterfly’s wings, emerging from the chrysalis of the first half of life. (and I understand that transformation inside that confining chrysalis, the body of what had once been the caterpillar’s way of being and moving in the world being dissolved, and the final emergence, is also a painful one). But these white wings of mine give me freedom to fly, and taste the sweetness of life.

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  1. kidfriendlyyoga
    May 19, 2021 @ 20:04:20

    Love this post! Your work do are full of truth! …and I have always thought you have beautiful hair!



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