let yourself be dark

.”When night came, it did not fall, as people say it does. Beyond the bright crown of earth, the heavens were always dark. Here, on this lonely hill, tinier than the smallest suggestion of a moment, I watched the darkness rise up from the ground to meet the steady darkness overhead, as if the two worlds had been waiting for the sun to go so they could touch again”,

Lauren Wolk, Beyond the Bright Sea

Let yourself Be
Let your darkness expand 
to be kissed by the heavens
Unencumbered by light, 
unenlightened, unknowing, 
en-lightened, weightless

Let knowledge release its grip
into that dark unworded mystery
Be Wonder and Grace
Quiet, unspoken 
Vast, enough

Let there be shadows to dance in
to make love in
to be wombed in

Quiet to sink in
Stillness to bathe in 

Let yourself trust
as those who came before
that the heavens are trustworthy, again
It is not up to you to push
the earth back into orbit
to tilt this heavy weight back toward the light

Be free of that gravity
we will be nurtured again
our hearts will be warmed again
Love will be rooted 

On this long night, where there is 
no distinction between
heaven and earth
inner and outer
space, you and me
Let it Be

It never was separate
It is only the light that blinds us
on this exquisite planet
of color and texture and form 
of lush and riotous beauty
It is natural
to forget the darkness
 from which we come. 

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