Journal exercise

In today’s reading, I was asked to write a bold, uncensored letter to the Beloved, stating my demands, an exercise I resisted, as if I could dare to demand anything of One who is so Beyond demands, One who ‘knows’ far more than I can begin to understand, One who moves with Wisdom and Love beyond my capacity, One who is Purer than I could imagine, One whose Mysterious ways are not my ways… but even moreso, One who is at all malleable, or who can ‘hear my prayers’…. except…

perhaps my deepest Longing and the Holy One’s are One? Perhaps in saying them ‘out loud’, something is made flesh in the Word, perhaps I am actually integral to the Becoming? Perhaps there is something Vital to be Realized? Perhaps it is my heart that needs to express itself?

And so… I went with it…

Dear Beloved, Lover of All, Love of All, Beloved of All,

I yearn for you to reveal yourself as Lover, to fill the suffering ones with your Presence so potently that they remember how Beloved they are, that they are softened from within, that ALL our gazes softened by Your Gaze that we may see with eyes that cherish, be seen by eyes that cherish, that Your Love will fill hearts and eyes, that they will find Your LOve in one another, and Know the power of that Love to transform their world, their concept of themselves, their experience of Life. I long for that kind of healing to occur.

Specifically, You Know, I yearn for one in particular to know Love- true, abiding, transformative, healing, blossoming Love. My heart could rest in peace then, could relax into knowing that she has found Love– Your Love embodied in her humanity, and in her experience of humanity, Your Love made REal.

So I ask for you to flow like water into her world, to soften walls, to flood dryness, to pour like rain upon her (us), to delight her, to quench her roots, to encourage her blossoms, to bathe her wounds, to envelope her in warmth, to suffuse her iwth Joy, and to bear her to a land of goodness. Flow into, around and through her– carrying away all that has poisoned her spirit, and in that spaciousness left behind may she receive blessing upon blessing.

I yearn to see Your action in her life. I will keep watch for You, for I trust in Your goodness and mercy, Your presence and power, and Your Love.

Your beloved,


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