hunger for wholeness – a kind of book review

I’m still digesting this book, Hunger for Wholeness, by Ilia Delio. It’s really blown my mind (open) –bits of brain all over the place. What a surprise in such an unassuming looking little book, with such a soothing title.

 I feel excited and confused, filled with profound awe and deeply touched in my core at once. The concepts feel both radical and transformative. I mean I never really considered the 2nd law of thermodynamics in relation to global consciousness before, nor the notion that we are One with our technology in the process of evolution and transcendence. Holy cow. I find I have to read and reread each paragraph, section, chapter. And I’m constantly calling my poor husband over with a ‘listen to this!’

In a world in which awe and wonder have been diminished by our ability to dissect and explain everything, this book is a religious  experience. (and well the author asserts that the religious impulse is elemental to all evolution/becoming, even at the microscopic level of life itself). The Wonder of Consciousness Itself exploding into Being, deeply embedded within the totality of the Universe, animating its continual evolution, reaching for transcendance and drawing All into Oneness, restores my Soul to its place in the midst of Something profoundly Awe-some.

In the end , Ilia brings all that wonder (and our integral participation in/with it) back to Love. Our need to attend to It, to Soul, in order to bring balance to the current evolutionary growth of mind, information, and technology.

 That reminded me of a film that was being shown at Baccalaureates in our area 15-20 years ago when my kids were graduating high school. It was all about the exponential growth of the computer and how we were going to be left behind by it .(that’s a terribly brief summary, but was more the feeling of the piece) I remember at the time feeling not at all frightened by that possiblity , however, rather relief that perhaps, as we were leaving that knowledge based world of the 20th century behind, allowing computers to hold all that information for us, our humanity might be freed to apply itself to other aspects of being human– Love. Creativity. Compassion. We are not made to be information containers.

 And what Ilia at last is saying, that our growth in compassion, in soul, with depth work, has not kept up evolutionarily to the explosion of technology, and we must return to contemplative practice and mystical awareness in order to nurture that aspect of our humanity. We must bring this fullness/wholeness of our humanity to the earth so that we can participate fully in the Becoming.

What the world needs now is Love 😏


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