It’s not personal, it’s just what human incarnation is –

a weaving together of joys and sorrows,

beginning and endings,

woven together in a fabric

of appearance and disappearance

 Jack Kornfield

Unfortunately, (surrogate) relationships will never cover the emptiness that is left from inadequate mothering. To heal, the mother wound needs to be fully mourned. – Rachel Negar Partiali, “The Unmothered Child’

It is too painful so we look away, but the first step in healing is to see the wound. It’s not just enough to remember, we have to re-Member, reclaim the lost members of the family. -Robin Wall Kimmerer, Tallgrass

An inland sea of grass, she said

Whispering song when gales gust, absorbing fury

spinning it into dance, graceful waves to ride.

An inland sea of grass

capable of surviving drought, its mat – a sponge absorbing nutrients,

transforming earth to shelter, 

roots so deep they won’t be cut — until the blade of steel at last was wielded

An inland sea of grass,

misunderstood and undervalued,

her richness begs a closer look,


for the subtler treasure that she harbors,

refuge for the multitudes,

An inland sea of grass

capable of inhaling toxins,

exhaling purity

Like those prayers that once I breathed,

which came like instinct to my lungs,

inhaling pain, exhaling love.

And inland sea of grass

giver of life

mender of soil

holder of seed

An inland sea of grass,

nearly laid to waste

less than 1 percent of what she was.

And yet, and yet,

And yet she is not barren,

nor is she empty,

nor is she dead

her seeds are still alive,

the remnant root awaits

in you,

in me

in Her

sodding, seeding , burning , weeding

we can stitch her back together.

pull her from the brink

reweave her tapestry

An inland sea of grass,

within you,

within me

neither ravages of fire,

nor gale

nor drought

can ere destroy

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