Algonquin October , day 2

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…”We lunched on a log that lay across the water at the end of that trail, the view of intimate Sittingman Lake an appetizer for our eyes. Sitting there, we noted how the night’s rains and winds had already changed the palette of the landscape before us. The reds and oranges of the maples had been stripped away, leaving bare patches on the hillsides. I was grateful to have had the previous day to appreciate their brilliance, although the gold that remains offers a subtler beauty. Transitions here are so very evident, the shift to winter unfolding before our eyes as the unfolding of spring from barren to blossom had also occurred for us during our time here in May.
I wonder if my own transition during this time of my life has been so evident. Has it been subtle or sudden? A bit of both, I suppose. So much takes place beneath the surface and then suddenly it appears as if you have changed overnight. Or an outside circumstance forces a shift, perhaps more quickly than you might have intended, and you are suddenly changed. Suddenly barren… or subtler…. or even more peaceful…”

Algonquin October

All I really need to know, I learned on a canoe trip

beauty is always in the eye of the beholder

expectations keep you from loving what is

comparison blinds you from seeing

laughter makes anything easier

keeping your center of gravity low makes it easier to weather storms

kneeling takes the burden off your back

devastation and hope are like lovers, they kiss and new life is born

fire is necessary for wholeness

negativity colors everything black

contentment is a choice

it is possible to stay grounded while moving

paying attention fosters understanding

transitions are often the most precarious moments, balance is key

piling up stones to mark the way can ease the way for those who follow

sometimes your body speaks a truth that your thoughts won’t allow

without fire, something precious in life will die off

focusing on the destination makes you take your eyes off the wonders of the journey

its impossible to capture what it is that you see so that others will understand it

sweetness appears along the way in the most unexpected of places

storms release fragrance

exhultation often follows exertion

sometimes you have to dig deep to make forward progress

approaching with reverence changes your heart

wrong turns can lead to enchanted passages

a small depression can provide shelter when stormclouds descend

one’s vantage point can offer fresh perspectives of grace

a song in one’s heart escapes from the lips without effort


Woodland Wanderings

Tales from our recent trip to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

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