door ajar

accessible; clear; free; susceptible; agape; naked; empty; exposed; expand; apparent; amenable; willing; cooperative; approachable; honest; direct; guileless; blossom; unfold; indefinite; undecided; candid; kickoff; break; carve; sever; ajar; uncluttered; broad; expressive; uncover; discretionary; loose; unrestrained; unclear; begin….

Each word taken in, slowly digested, bringing its own kind of nurture, how should I taste you today? Do I pry or shall I be undecided? Am I free or merely empty? Unfolding or unclear?.

Reading this list lectio divina style, as one might prayerfully practice the sacred reading of any text, the word that “pops off the page” at me, grabbing my eyes, inviting my curiosity, and tugging at my heart, like a hand grasping mine and pulling me through that wide open door, is this one-


For you see, when I first read it, I saw not the word that means ‘mouth wide open with wonder or surprise’, but the one that means ‘unselfish love of one for another”. The kind of Love that opens to receive the ‘guileless, broken, unfolding, susceptible, undecided, uncovered, naked and vulnerable’ me.

My heart is agape.

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