“against the starry cold, one small blue ring of flame’ – Ted Kooser


When she was 12 years old, she stepped into the teacher’s classroom,

after hours,

and closed the door on her childhood.

While driving her carload of boys to visit her sister’s

postpartum depression,

the space shuttle exploded in the blue.

Her mother had boiled a formula of canned milk and corn syrup

to feed to her babies

In the whitewashed sanctuary of the brick walled church

she was pushed under the water three times

Julian of Norwich sequestered herself inside of those walls, in the midst of black death,

to proclaim that ‘all shall be well’


When will I feel free to be me?


Cheri Serfass was just as terrified as excited

when her father brought the pony home from the carnival

The sky kisses the water so intimately in that place that she

cannot discern where earth ends and heaven begins.

Lying down on that earth heals all of her wounds


Her hands on his narrow shoulders soothes her

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