DSCN0220Dear friends,

I have been dwelling for some time, as you know, in my journals from last summer and fall. As I have been revisiting those days, I have been back-posting my entries to the time in which they were written. I have just completed the the last group in the series, chronicling the time when my friends and my spouse came north to join me, at last, and we entered the park together for a 10 day slow-paced journey, which was ironically the beginning of re-entry for me into my life back home. You will find all of those posts related to that time listed below.


ragged lake

big porcupine

bonnechere balance

just another 3 days in paradise

wilderness within

caught in the mystery


The series previous to these can be found here. This series chronicles the time I spent working at Hay Lake Lodge.

Hay Lake

Summer of Becoming – Hay Lake, day 2

Summer of Becoming – initiation, so this is life

Summer of Becoming – meeting the extended family


Hay Lake morning reprise *

Summer of Becoming – water

Summer of Becoming – To change or not to change, there is really no question *

Summer of Becoming – the unfolding blossom

Keeping with the backward unfolding spiral of time,  the following post tells of the week I spent introducing my sisters to my beloved. Here all of the days are compiled in one post. I was a bit busy!

Summer of Becoming – NWSE

Before that, I had come with one woman, which I think of all of my canoe trips last summer was the most intimate and memorable for me.

Summer of Becoming- two women, one canoe

two women, one canoe, part 2

two women, one canoe , part 3

two women, one canoe – part 4

two women, one canoe – part 5

two women, one canoe – finale

And finally, the beginning of the journey, a blessed week with some of the men in my life, whom I love

Summer of Becoming – me and the boys


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