joining the resistance


i resist giving my power-to-see-goodness  away to those who would have me despair

i resist living from the stirrings of hatred and fear rather than from the deep well of love and abiding trust

i resist being drawn from listening for harmony into the cacophony of chaos

i resist believing the virtual world is more real than the one I can see, taste, and feel

i resist seeing evil in human beings simply because they see the world differently than I

i resist believing the world to be ugly when i see beauty here in her face

i resist the hardening and poisoning of my heart with toxic and vehement images and words

i resist being sarcastic and cruel to cover my vulnerability and frustration

i resist dehumanizing my fellow human beings with spiteful and unkind labels

i resist being chained to catastrophe, and confined by anxiety

i resist being swept into drama and spun into confusion

i resist finding my power in violence and discord, or seeking aliveness in outrage and agitation

i resist the thought that your ‘no’ necessarily means that my life is condemned to be hopeless

I resist being overwhelmed by terror.. unless it is by terrible and tender beauty

i resist the edict that i cannot find beauty and peace wherever i am

i resist being told it is wrong to seek peace and find hope right where i am

i resist the insistence that my commitment to an alternate way of ‘being’ is less vital than all of the ‘doing’ that is demanded of me*

I resist feeling shame for listening to my heart

i resist believing that words are wiser than silence, or that mountains are more powerful than seeds

i resist seeing you as ugly and broken rather than beautiful and whole

I resist seeing myself as better, or ‘righter’, or holier than you

i resist believing that spring will not follow winter 

i resist believing that darkness will overcome light

i resist the presumption that darkness and winter don’t also belong in this world


*thanks to Christine Valters Paintner for this framing of “resistance as a commitment to an alternate way of being. While celebrating those who are called to vibrant activism, we also need those who can witness to other possibilities, those who keep safe and guard the treasures of a life lived slowly and mindfully”











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  1. kidfriendlyyoga
    Feb 06, 2017 @ 21:07:11

    I love this….A Resistance Manifestos!



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