flowers and stripes



I dreamt a voice that told me

You need both stripes and flowers’

Ramrod straight and upright, unbending

alignment, like soldiers in parade,

though even then, I saw them as diversity

stacked in random widths and colors,

same as the hues that enliven blossoms

in their riot of sinuous curves,

and delicate bowing down,

and I woke to the darkened silhouettes of trees asway

against a brilliant azure sky

a solitary vulture soaring


and as I made my way to coffee

music, paper, pen

I thought of UPC codes marching ‘cross the scan,

and reminisced the days of fingers dancing on those keys.

I recalled paper pairings of my first home

palette, making beauty out of walls,

gardens flowing over fences made of stone.

And I wondered ’bout the structures upon which

the exquisite grows.







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