November walk

Went for a walk this afternoon with my camera, seeking beauty, and discovered my humanity.




Sometimes it happens all at once,

seventy to thirty five,

a sudden windstorm bringing sleet

from skies that were indigo

an hour ago.


Exposed skin now wrapped in down

she retreats to the hearth for warmth,

to be protected from the plummeting

of shaken limbs.


The brawny blasts persist

until at once she wakens to the quiet,

to emerge into the newness

of a season, suddenly

stripped bare.


That audacity of autumn,

with its haughtiness ablaze,

seeming to be shed at once.

Where last week she was vibrant red,

this afternoon she’s simply skeletal.


What a gracious gift,

this plunge from condescension

down to earth, has befallen her

to become humus with the Others,

the invitation clear to fall in love again.


peace like a river

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