Being far sighted

So, today I got out of the house!! – for more than a walk around the block, that is – for the first time since over 2 weeks ago when my partner had a surgery which required a committed 24 hour-a-day attending until he returned for his postsurgical followup today. What a beautiful day, driving through the woodland’s palette of color – what an array!- on the way to the hospital, then down to the valley below, where a bank of lavender cumulus clouds hovered just above the horizon in an azure blue sky. It was so good to get some perspective outside of what these 4 walls, a few books, and too much screen time can offer. The day-away was balancing and grounding.
This made me recall what I have known, that too much isolation narrows a person’s vision. Of course. This is how abused or oppressed persons get stuck, isolated from outside perspectives they believe the only reality they are confronted with. This is how persons are brainwashed too, through the limiting of outside exposure and the slow steady drip of one message.
I have understood that one’s perspective can get skewed when too much weight is given to one particular facet within the vastness that is life here on earth. This is what consuming too much media can do… one media story leads to another. Following that bunny trail into a narrower and narrower tunnel(vision) one is soon convinced that the tunnel is all that there is. A singular story, told time and time again, even with a slightly new spin, suddenly feels like it is happening 360 fold, in an all circumferencing reality. We believe it is so much bigger than it really is. Fear is increased in us this way, taking on too much weight, overarching the whole circle of life.
I vascillate on this too, of course, feeling as if I should just tune it all out, which I admit that I do alot of the time, safeguarding my spirit by being careful what I expose it too  We have no cable television in the house, for instance. Instead I mostly choose to love what is before me in any particular moment, trusting that this is the most important thing that I can do in the spread of peace…. remain peace-full myself, not entering the oft-fabricated and overly (overtly) escalated fray. Of course, that could be labeled as escapism or quietism.
These past weeks my husband and I were led to watching the acclaimed CNN created  10 part series, now on Netflix, The Sixties, after watching the new series, Good Girls Revolt, which is based upon the 1969-1970 push for women to be given equal opportunities as the men in the offices of Newsweek Magazine. We wanted more context for that storyline.
Wow, what a decade. I mean ,1968, holy cow!  Interestingly, the stories from that particular year of exploding consciousness are just at the edges of my conscious memory. My whole life has unfolded since that time.
And this has me thinking (surprise) that if all of those people hadn’t been so overly invested, so singularly focused (tunnel visioned!) in their vision, seeing clearly what was wrong and also seeing clearly what the potential could be, pushing tirelessly to the exclusion of all else to awaken the masses, then the freedoms, opportunities, and changes I take so much for granted today would not be mine.
And I think about the true work of this stage of life for me now, in later adulthood/early elderhood, as my oldest grandchildren begin to take their first babysteps into the culture. Yes, to bringing about more peace, within and without, so as to pass that legacy along, to being that kind of presence so that my granddaughters and sons might benefit from experiencing a gentler, kinder, more gracious and harmonious world.  But also, what is awakening in me, is the need for some sort of concrete action based upon that vision of wholeness.
Some say, but what can we do? It is easy to think that we have no power to change, to hand that power over to the idealism and energy of the young, but I sense a kind of idealism in this age of life too. It dwells in the longing for a brighter world, one of social justice, in the desire for rebirth of an earth-honoring-and-celebrating life where we dwell in right-relationship to the earth and to one another. The idealism of older age comes blessed with experience and patience, with wisdom and perspective, with a broader and deeper view, honed over time. That is our gift. I expect that it begins to develop just about the time that we lose our near-sighted vision, and the arms need to grow longer. This is a gift of far seeing.
And we need to give voice to both that vision of wholeness and to that long-seeing. It is said that remaining silent may be taken to mean tacit agreement, or to be permission-giving. Yes, we can go silently within, tapping into the well of Love for all of humanity, taking care to do no violence with our words, (the last thing we need is more noise!) while at the same time speaking forth from that place our vision of wholeness, a non-reactionary vision that comes from a place of stillness and depth.
I will continue to return to the forest outside my door and beyond for renewal, for rejuvenation, for reorientation, for reimagining, for retreat, for reminders of reality, for a truer perspective, but NOT for escape. And from that peaceful place will I give voice to that which I see, and for that which I dream for this world.
What do you think?  What do you see? What do you hope? How might you give voice to that in your world?


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