suddenly a rooster


suddenly, a rooster here

in this woodland village

they say somebody dropped him

to make up for the grief of last year’s loss

like puppies after miscarriages


he was hanging by the post office

yesterday afternoon

strutting in his finery as if he belonged,

which of course he does in this array

of misfits


but now it’s 5;45 am

I know because the rooster told me

when he was practicing to be a songbird

imagining his crows belonged

with the peter-peter-trills-and-cheeps

of warblers, thrush and tits


and for some reason

as my foggy eyes embrace

these darkened silhouettes against that salmon colored sky

he convinces me to rise

pick up the pen


that blue-dress dream

flows across the page, me vibrant

and assured, singing as is he

imagining myself one

of the family


here in this room

with its window to the trees

bathed in this blue-green glow

of water and of sky, I dream

though I’m awake


until the choir subsides.


today’ prompt #15. Animal populations appearing or disappearing have often been seen as a sign. Write a poem in which an animal population appears or disappears.

For the full list of april poetry month prompts, check out Kristin’s Berkey-Abbott’s blog  @

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