on the feast day of St Goodall

“It is these undeniable qualities of human love and compassion and self-sacrifice that give me hope for the future. We are, indeed, often cruel and evil. Nobody can deny this. We gang up on each one another, we torture each other, with words as well as deeds, we fight, we kill. But we are also capable of the most noble, generous, and heroic behavior.”
Jane Goodall, Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey

When I was two, a dragonfly flew near me. A man knocked it to the ground and trod on it. I remember crying because I’d caused the dragonfly to be killed. –Jane Goodall


Sometimes, if I listen carefully to the wind

as it lashes across the barren land

and surges to this summit

to whip my face where it’s laid bare,

and shred these shielding garments,

I hear their echoes


So many voices, lost

timbres and tones that once harmony honed

reverberate at this point where i stand, empty

notes no longer filling out chords

nor songs swelling into symphony


there lingers a faint melody

and from that thin strand I pull her

as from my pocket, withdrawing her words

and though the pages are tattered,

i sing them.














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