mother nature


a certain sadness falls

with me into sleep, clinging

in the morn like an infant suckling

at my breast, as if she has been draining

me all night, her renewed mewls awaken

me within this haze.


i yearn to rise and wash this loss, or run

so it would fly, flapping

from my skin, unable to hold fast,

but this becoming mother

to this newly born demands

i attend her need,

express this milk of words

into her hunger,


though weary, I do rise to turn

the garment inside out,

opening with tenderness, i fold

her close. embrace

transforms her clinging into bliss,

entrapment to endearment.


wrapped in this holey hope

we gaze, as our mothers

didn’t dare, into each other’s fear,


softening our sorrow into joy,

my body serving up its goodness

naturally, in bondage to

her beholding trust.



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