DSCF0321 (3)When today’s word opened on the page, my mind automatically flew to the natural world, certain as it was in it’s conditioned expectation that, of course, as this is where I always find my most enduring symbols of faith – tree roots wrapped around a boulder, a green sprout emerging from the snow, last autumn’s decaying leaves on their steadfast way to becoming humus – that this is where I would be led to look today. The earth never fails to comfort and inspire me, to fill my heart with trust that All is Well.

This word was easy!

But, one thing led to another and I never made it for that walk in the woods. Instead I spent the afternoon with a friend over a pot of tea, sharing fears and joys, hopes and disappointments, personal shames and surprising blessings. By the time I left her house for the walk home, the light was gone from the sky, and so my nature filming opportunities.

I am attempting to engage in this practice as a way of opening to see what is, to notice things that I walk right past in my day-to-day, to look differently. My mind can get stuck even in what I choose to perceive as being good.

Humanity, geez we sure can behave in ways that make it easy to harden our hearts to our goodness, and so make it difficult to have faith in our potential for creating beauty and cultivating compassion. But as my friend and I shared the stories of our hearts this afternoon, it was so easy to see. Life itself, human life included, is as resilient as that tree, as tenderly tenacious as the sprout, and as fertile a place for nurture and growth in the decaying of what has been released as those rotting leaves. And we are here to companion one another along that way of becoming beauty.

I can have faith in that.

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