DSCF0193 (2)Today’s word presented a puzzle for me as I opened for an image to express or respond to it. In spiritual journeys wilderness often represents places of wandering or stripping, barrenness, darkness, confusion (of course, this is perhaps the result of too many centuries of maligning and fear of the wild). What feels like wilderness to me then, when wild places can feel more familiar, comforting, and peaceful to me than ‘civilized’ ones? Nothing came that didn’t feel contrived.

I could have found a photo of wildish, remote and untamed places I’ve visited and loved where something in me feels free, awake and alive. But are those places truly wilderness? I like to believe there are still hidden places, completely untouched and unseen by humans. I expect that the life of the spirit requires such places to remain wild and unknowable, hidden in mystery and imagination.

So, off I went in the fading light of the day, before I lost the ability to capture an image. The puddles in the street from a day of melting rains drew me to notice what they were reflecting. Fabulous silhouettes and shadows of things. Images I can only occasionally glimpse in the fading light on days like today, but cannot hold or even really touch, elusive as a wild animal, perhaps. And there it was…my own shadow…. a wild, unknown and untamable thing.

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