I have decided to accept an invitation to a Lenten practice of a photo a day, designed for those who ‘are visual psalmist’ or ‘pray with a camera in hand’ . I do appreciate the practice of walking with a camera in hand, as it encourages my eye to see beauty, to be on the look out for light and surprising grace. In other words, it helps me to pay attention and be present to the world in which I am bathed. As an introvert, I can be too often inside of my head and this practice helps me to look outward, while still remaining true to my nature of being quiet and introspective.

The practice offers a word a day and then invites you to “stop, watch, wait, see … for its presence to show up” , in other words (for me) to not force something to fit into some intellectual construct/ to resist pre-conceived notions.  I am signing on a few days late, and rather than crush to be a ‘good girl’ and go back to catch up and complete the missing days assignments, I will start where I am. And so, today’s word is Emptiness.

Ahh, how perfect a place to begin. So much can clutter the space (those preconceived notions in particular) and so prevent the openness required to be filled with something fresh…. like Light. And so I begin …. taking out the trash.


You can read about the practice (and accept the invitation yourself?) here



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