the autumn way


It can be difficult to discern the trail with too much

abundance falling around you.

Seasons of growth, born of the light,

unable to bear any longer,

let go at once and suddenly

the very ground

beneath your feet, obscured,

as so many hope-filled, light-gathering moments,

released, laid down, collect

at your feet.

Yes, eventually must come this ripening, and with it

the great release

that leads to a skeletal existence,

at last. Essence revealed.

Stillness then

the only response. A watchful presence, keen

for any sign that reveals a path, perhaps

a blaze left by another

which, for now, you are content (or is it merely afraid) to follow.

You wonder, though, how might it feel to leave it all behind,

set off into woods, unblazed,

following neither creature’s tracks

nor human wanderings.

What would you follow then?… the breaking light,

the snapping twig, the gurgling (roaring?) within.

How might it be to leave

your own trace, dropping crumbs from your own pocket?

Might they at least offer miniscule

nourishment for those who follow? ….

Or help you find your way back if what is found is empty?

If you pick this one up, lay it gently on your tongue,

to dissolve slowly in this stillness,

might it reveal the essence of what was?

Subtle flavors, here at the end,

emerge before disappearing completely, hinting

at the nourishment that once filled your pocket,

now the thread

of survival you follow through the darkness.

When did you begin laying them down, I wonder?

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cindy
    Oct 07, 2015 @ 11:05:10

    really liked this one… Thank you for sharing it, Vicki.



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