and then there is this!

PPS. And then there is this!! which I ‘stumbled’ (hmm) upon tonight..

‘The wild woman is clawing to come out, the woman who is connected with the elements, courageous and capable, trusting her instincts and free spirited. Strong and beautifully bad ass. Daring and joyful. Loving and vibrant. ” – wild women expeditions founder, Jennifer Haddow

How could I have forgotten this?? THIS feeling of vibrancy that kept me returning for more, that caused me to want to hone and to strengthen my body and my skills so that it would continue to carry me to the wild places where I feel so fully alive and deeply connected to life.. Of course, this is/was my ‘yes’ after all, the search for this deep sense of aliveness, which defines any spiritual path.

Tell me, ‘What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’

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