red-winged blackbirds








  If someone asks you about it, say

it is like this

sudden pause, rounding the bend

 into the startling drumbeat, of

hundreds of coal colored wings,

encircling delight with splashes of  fire


Say, it is like this

dark speck in the flock, One rising and falling, 

 swaying and flapping like the bedsheets on yesterday’s line

 you ran through with equal enchantment

that long ago late winter day.


Say, it is like this

chasing of song deep, into the wood

’cause you’d glimpsed that Sound-maker once

wading in muck with eyes fixed on beauty

feeling fertile and feral and  fresh                                                                                                                                                                                     


Say, it is like this

joy twirling cacophony, one moment

sheer swift silence, the next

as madonnas dark reveal- lift-and-

vanish over the distant horizon


Say, it is like this

intake of breath when winter’s brisk bites your face

this basking in sun’s warmth, breathe out

as you traverse this vast space where

sky meets the earth



listen to Crosby, Stills and Nash,  singing Blackbird here   (thanks myrna:)

(*redwinged blackbirds are said to be associated with the Dark Mother and primal feminine energies. they have ties to the creative forces of Nature. they nest in swamps and marshes, usually just a few feet from Water, reflecting a tie to Water and her birthing energies. they can represent the need  to go back into the Great Womb of life in order to bring forth new expressions of energy.) 




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