a women’s spirituality- 2003 vision

please click the link at the end of this post to revisist a vision of women’s spirituality,  written during my spiritual direction training program, and informed by the experience  and wisdom of a woman’s body during her childbearing years.  it is probably time for me to revisit this, with 8 years growth, experience, and bodily wisdom gathered along my journey since that time,  and with my current movement into the wonder and wisdom of menopause, but i still think there is much goodness to be savored in it.

 basic elements include the honoring of –

the body (in all its forms)

rhythms and cycles

non-linear becoming

nonheirarchical interdependence

receptivity and inclusion

inherent dignity in all


resistance of that which dishonors

courage to be vulnerable

responsiveness to that which moves us – in ecstacy or sorrow

expression and expressiveness

embodied (here and now) knowing

the direct experience of God

the vital quality of self-nurture

the importance of attending to feelings, stirrings, quickenings

(deep trust in) the processes of life/creation

comfort with movement and change

trust in the gifts of other and the Other

the nourishment of the milk that flows from us in response to the needs of the world


moving into menopause … i see on the horizon the promise of a deeper honoring of my authentic self, less restricted, which includes

the relinquishment of old ways, and old roles, old beliefs of who i am

greater freedom of choice about who i will be, how i will choose to express my self

the release from restrictive demands of the other (no longer must my body be ‘on-call’ responding instantly to cries, rather my actions may be motivated by demands/needs of my soul…. this is a real growing edge for me)

i look forward to the journey, to finding new metaphors in the natural world for this new terrain in me, and i look forward to sharing it with you.

all is well,


oh! and here is the link 🙂


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