give me a word

Give Me a Word (and second annual Abbey New Year Giveaway).

over at Abbey of the Arts (click the link above), christine’s new year’s invitation, as we cross the threshold of a new year, is to pause and let a ‘word’ rise, a word on which to ponder as we cross, and for the days, weeks, months, year ahead…or perhaps an entire lifetime. she suggests that we might simply ask,  ‘give me a word’, and allow it to be given, a word to nourish or to challenge us, a word we can wrestle with and grow into.

“What is your word for the year ahead?  A word which contains within it a seed of invitation to cross a new threshold?

What word, phrase, or image is shimmering before you right now inviting you to dwell with it until it ripens fully inside of you?”


today is my birthday, and i’m realizing what a blessing the timing of it is, though for years i haven’t appreciated this. often forgotten or overlooked, my birthday falls at a time when persons are not interested in one more celebration. persons are ready for quiet, for turning inward, for return.

and so the gift for me is that this day is one of quiet solitude, of introspection, of time to myself after the extraverted expectations of the holidays. i suppose my birthday has become my new year’s day, my threshold day of looking more closely at my life. this is the day.. no matter when new year’s day falls, even on the years it comes on a friday and folks have the weekend to continue the party….when i can hear again.

and so today, i listen for the word. and the one that comes shimmering through is ‘beauty’. though not a new one for me ( it is perhaps a lifetime one for me) it is a fresh reminder that this how i wish to committ my life, this is the word i wish to ripen fully inside me.  i once heard these words spoken aloud to me in a dream, ‘You are bound to beauty’, so it seems i can’t escape it if i try.

i realize that looking for beauty is a way of prayer for me, a way of staying present and in love with life. i also trust that, as meister eckhart said, ‘the eye with which i see god’ is the eye with which i am also seen’, and so it is good for me to imagine myself being beheld as beauty.

and so, this year i will continue to look for Her, to nurture and to foster Her, to welcome Her, as i continue along the journey. i recently read a portion of a poem by bonoko

‘life is a garden,
not a road

we enter and exit
through the same gate
where we go matters less
than what we notice’

may i notice.

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