Day 19-Praying Unceasingly (or Being in Love)

Day 19 – Pray Unceasingly (or Being in Love)
Phillipians 4: 4-9

Put into Practice all that we have learned and Peace will be with us.

     Look for goodness and Love.

     See through eyes of compassion and reverence.

     Be awed and amazed at the miracle of Life within each moment.

     Look for Beauty wherever we are.

     Be gentle and non-anxious.

     Pray to see Love wherever we are.

And the Peace that is ‘beyond the mind’ will guard our hearts.


Ah, here then is the breastplate of Love!

the Josephs for our hearts are the eyes of our hearts. 


A loving gaze that goes in all directions, inward and outward.

     We behold the preciousness of God.

     We behold the preciousness of the other. 

     But mostly we perceive God’s gaze beholding the preciousness of us all. 


Moving into communion with Love in that particular and perfect gaze is to dwell within the Heart of God.  It is to live and have our being from the center of our Deepest and Highest Self. It is to be in Love.

Can we take this ‘gazing with Love’ with us

     into our day and our night,

     into the coming days and nights,

     into the Christmas Season and beyond….

this seeing through  eyes of Compassion, if not understanding?


If so, we can transcend to a place of Peace in our hearts right in the midst of chaos, and keep our feet on the ground.

And there will be peace on earth.

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