today, i prayed the parable of the talents. of course, sunday’s readings also include passages from the wisdom texts, from old testament prophets, and from the letters.

the psalm (76) spoke to me of the breaking down of all the ‘opposes’ Love. Love
alone has the power to do so. and Love’s dwelling place is within the temple of
my own heart. none of the voices (within) that wish to despise me can stand up
for long in the presence of this voice of Love that raises its song to save the
oppressed. they fall away… only as they are Loved. and the oppressor itself is
transformed through Love.

the prophecy (zephaniah 1) began with a search. Love like a searchlight in my
heart, awakening compassion in me. again there was the destroying the walls
that have been built up in me to keep Love out, the walls that keep me from
experiencing Love in my being, and from knowing the exquisitely tender joy of
being awake and alive. the day when Love triumphs in me will be a day exactly
like last evening…a day when i allow Love inside the darkness, when i allow
Love to embrace and encompass my sorrow and gloom, my tears and anger and fear.
when i allow Love to see and be with it all. when i allow Love to embrace the
whole of my heart. behold my heart. be wholed.

the things that have kept me from knowing that i am Loved and Love will perish
by being dissolved by the light. the judgments that keep me from being fully
alive (the i shouldn’ts…feel this way, etc) will be burnt up in the passion
of Love.

the letter was again the thessalonians passage about the breastplate of love. my
heart in God’s heart. it reminded me that i have not been made to suffer but to
receive Love. to be a receptor of Love in this place. whether i am asleep or
awake, whether i am sowing or reaping, Love, Christ, the Divine One in me
continues to be with me, in me, to behold me, work through me, for we are One
being, united in body and spirit. Love is who i am. simply. wholey.

finally, the parable. when Love returns to my awareness (and indeed with or
without my awareness) it comes to reclaim my life as its own. my life belongs
to Love. Love has fully invested itself in me. Love pours all of its wealth
into our lives, pours itself out into these physical manifestations of being
that our humanity is, into this human incarnation that i am. Love has poured
itself into me and it will reap what it has sown in me. Love is multiplying
through my being. through my being alive…fully alive. in all the things that
Love expresses and experiences through a body’s being here…in all the longing
and sorrow, all the desire and dying, all the tenderness and heartache, the
terrible beauty and unbearable joy, the breakings and birthings and
lovemakings, the yearnings for and the experiences of communion. i can only
return Love to Love by being fully present to and invested in life. by being
fully alive with all that is and all that is within me…pain and sorrow
included in that gift… for my life is also to be fully poured out. god’s
heart, within me, pouring out through my life, Love being poured out through
me, being made visible.

as i prayed with this, i saw the talents of my life being poured out into Love’s
hands, overflowing into Love’s hands, overflowing Love’s hands as Love
delighted. my heart within God’s heart pouring out its sorrow or its joy. the
heart of God expanding to contain it all.

o Love, i enter into life fully only as i enter fully into You , receiving all
that is, opening my heart to all that is, feeling, being all that is. i see the
hands of Your heart trying to catch all that i am as i pour myself out into Your
eagerness. I see Your arms overflowing with me, spilling over… and I know Your
joy, your delight.

my heart, within Your heart, as Your heart within mine, spilling over. i spill
into you all that I can (and can’t) hold of You and You catch me with delight,
spilling over with Joy.

o Love

behold my heart,
be wholed,

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