eat something- John 4:31-38

today’s  lectio passage (what an amazing gift this call to spending time in
scripture has been for me. thank you, god) contained these words. ‘open your eyes and look at the fields! they are ripe for harvest. even now the reaper draws his wages, even now he harvests the gifts of eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together!” wow.

again i wonder about the gifts that my life, exactly has it has been lived,
has sown.  Love– the timeless One– is being manifested and gifted through the time-bound one that i am.  through what Love is harvesting in me, my life is redeemed. the sower is blessed. i am grateful to life, i am grateful to the sower in me. she has done her ‘work’ well. i can bless her. i can thank her.

jesus also states immediately preceding this passage that his hunger for
physical food is no more. what feeds him is ‘doing the will of the One who sent me and finishing his work’.  then he proceeds to explain what he means with the story of the harvest. what feeds him is growing Love. what feeds him is letting his life be a sower of Love, which Love can harvest.

may the harvest be abundant, Love
as i bear the blessing that my life has been
overflowing You, my hunger dissipates
as I bear the fruit of Your Love ripening.

i went from this prayer directly into the evening that was last evening, where i was asked to be fully present to what was/is in Love, to open my heart within the heart of God and try to hold it all. to feel. to be alive. to be fully
human within God, this place where there was no protection….there was only embrace.

is that what i means to let your life sow seeds for Love to harvest then?

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