these things i learned this day

these things i learned from my soul this day.

the fruits of love are love.

creating a container which Love can fill, allows Love to overflow.
(if i am boundaried in my receiving, i can be boundaryless in my overflowing)

if i am to give birth to Love in the world, i must allow myself the luxury of
being made love to.

the temptation is to believe i can make love by myself, that i can do all the
work, without surrendering myself to Love for guidance in the ways of Love.

virgin spaces can turn rigid with the mechanical fears of doing it right. but in
allowing my virgin spaces to receive a relaxed touch of love, my womb softens,
my womb opens, my womb expands in a fluid, flowing, gracefilled, and unexpected

lovemaking cannot be bound by the clock, “for i know not the hour when Love
….will come knocking”.

opening my heart to what is out there requires opening my heart to what is in here.

deep listening requires spending time deeply listening.

patience and perseverence need be grounded in desire for Love for the bridegroom can seem long in coming.

i must honor the bridal chamber in which we meet as sacred….life-giving,
joy-bearing, a place of concetion and growth for the only thing which i am to
give birth to in the world–Love.

…she conceived of the Holy Spirit and the word was made flesh and dwelt among


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