those virgins and their lamps

sooo, i fall to sleep last evening so aware of the tender ache in my heart,
experiencing the ‘hands’ of God holding close my yearning, the yearning for my heart to become fuel for the flame of Love……. and this morning’s lectio
gospel is the story of the 10 virgins with their lamps!

sooo, i have been singing rilke’s song ‘may what i do flow from me like a river,
streaming through widening channels to the open sea’, and this morning’s psalm ends with these words ‘justice will roll like a river and righteousness like a never ending stream’

bourgeault explains that righteousness to the old testament writers meant a
‘being in the Presence of God’ so that when Jesus suggests that we ‘hunger and thirst for righteousness and will be filled’, he is speaking to the intensity
of a longing to be deeply alive within God’s aliveness. my longing is God’s
longing to be in me and when i yearn, as i have been so yearning of late, i
come into resonance with my deeper heart-knowing, that place of resonance with God.

as i prayed with these virgin passages, i was aware of my heart as being the lamp, the fuel of which is my yearning, fuel that will become flame and light for Love to see by (or be seen by). i invite Love to enter into those untouched, shadowy places in me, to wrap Godself around what has been dead in me with such passion that something new will be birthed into being. i have been praying for the opening of my heart, for receptivity my heart, i have been praying for passion to awaken, to carry the aliveness of my heart with me as i pass through my days.

i treasure the oil that is my life, that is my awakening heart, that is my
transformed consciousness, and oil that cannot be bought or given to another, but must be rendered from the stuff of one’s own life held to the fire of Love.

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