love slips in the door

here it is again, this morning in my lectio (luke 12:35-40) in the story of
keeping the light on and the doors open for the return of Love to my
house….this Love that wants to dwell in me, to Be in me… and you. i need
only keep the light on to see it, keep my door open to let it in within each

the geese were flying overhead as i sat to prayer this morning on my porch.
returning home. albeit bit more noisily than i. though i was singing at the
time they joined me, my song feels much more like a ‘settling in’ kind of
return, a quieting down so that i can hear Love’s voice again, but the movement is the same sort of homing instinct. one that calls me back inside to that place where Love desires to be with me, and to stay with me in my ‘house’, to that place where i desire to be with Love. where we desire to be one.

and yet the ‘back inside’ feels new because i am not closing the door so much
behind me, but keeping it open to let Love be here with me throughout my days, trusting it is here in the unexpected places….in the confusing and the
peaceful, the harsh and the gentle, the joyful and the sorrowful.

i was most curious about the bridegroom image and the waiting male
imagery….made me wonder if that was rewritten in male language because it was too sexual. neither here nor there, i heard my feminine self waiting anxiously, anticipating Love’s unknown entrance, the moment whe Love bursts through the door unexpectedly to enter in, to make Loveself known. this Love who is likewise anxiously awaiting the opening in me into which Love can slip inside, seeking a place to be received and to deposit new seeds of becoming, new seeds of Beauty in me.

my prayer/antiphon for this day

may i be open to Your Presense in this day, O love
i light this candle so that i can see you
in the darkness, may you find me opening
as i await your coming her to Be in me.

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