drafting a dream

my love,
in these city streets
my restless heart has searched in vain so long
in hallowed halls
and social balls
and palaces befitting your magnificence
in lofty heights of civilized society
i have sought your beauty
certain that your radiance
would be revealed in time
if only i would be a worthy suitor

i have sought you in the hustle and the bustle
of the crowd
amidst the shoving, striving, mindless forward motion
i have jostled for a spot
where i might catch a glimpse
of russet hair 

i have searched for you
in gutters and in sewers
and in darkened alleyways
certain that you could not hide from me in there
no cloak could conceal
nor lesions mar
the glow of your visage
yet still i could not find you

until, wandering in the dark
i discovered myself
outside the city walls
and aimless i was deeper led
to you

at last i heard your voice upon the breeze
and smelled the faint aroma of your fire
and following
i came upon your paradise

oer the rise
i spotted you
just as i’d remembered you to be

dressed in colors of the earth
red hair flowing, vibrant, vital
your home an open aired cathedral
for the living

you turned and met me with your smile
your gaze
a welcome for the weary
and with no words at all you whispered
come to me, my love

and now we live and love
right here where we are
in this harmonious abundance
full of life

beyond those streets of shame,
where harping songs of discontent
once wooed and wound
unworthy words
around my wounded heart

i see beauty once again.

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