definitely not a mission statement

oh but this asking is too much
this thing they ask of me
how can i possibly express
this passion that i have for you

my god, my god
it is like asking to explain
how the ecstasy arises
when i lie in your embrace
from whence comes this rising of my soul
this heightening awareness
this feeling of aliveness
this perking up,
unfolding blossom,
juices flowing from my ripeness

is this love affair with you a thing
i can articulate
or is it something of the heart
a feeling unde-finable
yea it is too fine a thing to name
this essence of my love for you

it lies not hidden in the color of your hair
nor the swelling of your breast beneath my opened palm
nor is it even in the tender words you speak
that cause my breath to deepen into sighs
but perhaps it is the way you gaze at me
with longing in your eyes
beholding beauty that i cannot see
save through your loving lens

how to paint the colors
that explode
how to illustrate the scents of our lovemaking
how to describe the tastes
which satisfy this hunger
this once insatiable yearning for completeness
fulfilled in these moments
here with you.

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