how i long for you


to enter into space

inconspicuous, unobserved

where expectations wouldn’t be

projected on my screen


there’d be no wall

to catch them


yet here in this body

somehow screen

and image

become one

though neither one is me


although they appear real

and sometimes even i


forget who i am


who am i then

what lies behind this me

no thing

that i can see


and yet this vast unknown

this dark and endless void

feels pregnant somehow

as a womb

just prior to a birth


and i wonder

could it be that image

projected  through

this life’s phenomenon


in order to inseminate

some hidden depth in Me


could I be receiving

within regions

where I watch

through eyes that love

the beauty of this act


then are the screen and image

merely veils

that break

when force of life at long last



this virgin spirit

that I am

engaged in this lovemaking

and could lovemaking e’er occur


this body

that I am


and am I both

transparent and opaque

lover and beloved

observer and observed

object to be seen and touched

subject to be felt


and is there no wall

in between at all

save this illusion

on the screen


transparency 2

transparency 2
i yearn to be
to dwell within this time and space
and be inviolable
no object hurled could harm
no nasty blemish noticed
no oppressive fear impede
they’d pass right through
my passing through
would be without this clinging,
heaviness that weighs me down 
and i would be
so easy
light and
to wander through these streets
observing life
beholding and embracing all
and unfelt
oh yes!!
blessed un-feeling
perhaps this is the key
to Being
wholly loved
and loving!!
this creation of a self
entirely undetectable
utterly invisible
and yet i wonder
would i miss
the touch

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