shades of gray

Shades of gray


 the world of black and white it seems

has drifted

in the fog

into so many shades of grey

this cloud of unknowing

leaving me adrift

with nothing solid upon which

i can stand.

and the light, which at last I can see

completely surrounding me,

has become too profound in its diffusion

for this simple-minded me,

so brilliant in its ever presence

that I cannot discern which way is north

(nor do I any lo know if north is e’en the way that I should go)

the Love which I perceive,

permeating all in its creativity,

loving, understanding, striving to be born,

using all for good

simply breaks my heart too wide with compassion

and I cannot not love.

this line that once divided me

into good and evil has become a circle

which too oft feels as if it holds too much

until i am broken


once again.

and in the broken state

i cannot seem to move

i can only stand


in the center

uncertain as i am

if it is fear or love

which keeps me

from moving to the side.

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