synaptic boundaries

infinite axial endings

dangle here

in this synaptic cleft

each carrying a signal

from the brain

and as each of us encounters

the polarity

of this interstitial space

we release into the gap

the transmitter we have made

from the nourishment that we have broken down from life

and the junction is depolarized

for a moment

by the liberation


only when depolarization reaches threshold

can the message leap the gap

and facilitate the inward movement

in the instantly repolarized

post-synaptic world



if the post-synaptic neurons that we are

become hyperpolarized

(that is internally more negative)

we inhibit our potential to receive…


yet paradoxically, it is also sometimes vital

in this overly excitable,

impulsive world

for our resting state to be

at contrast

from the space which is surrounding

for this prevents channels from remaining open

and responsive to great harm

indeed sometimes the brain itself

sends crucial inhibitions

via its own networks of protection

to depress an overbearing stimuli

and so the synapse is essential

to our wholeness

(homeostasis to be precise)

for its ability to transmit beneficial messages

and inhibit those from entering

which do harm

and we who at the ends

must somehow integrate

all that we receive

are wise to maintain this holy space


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