on wisdom’s lap

sometimes, more often now than once,
i can rest in my Eternal Self and watch
and from this quiet seat
I can gaze upon this woman that i am
here in this place and time,
and be filled with love for her.
at times I laugh with her in celebration of this life,
in those moments when she lets me rise to dance
At other times I can only hold her
suffering and pain
when she forgets that I am here to hold her.
Yet now that she can hear me,
her wanderings are but brief
….tearing separations
when she does not remember where I am…..
for I can call her back inside
to sit upon my lap and know
the reassurance of my arms
reminding her that I am here
and that we are not lost.
when she comes to me like this,
it is as if she melts into my side
and we commune within one body
then I can bring her to the peace of afterglow
so that, sated, she can rise to journey
with the presence of my growing Self deep within her flesh.
I watch her as she struggles to express
who she knows We are
to give birth to this child of our union.
then as to a midwife by her side,
she returns her gaze to me
for courage and for strength from One who knows
someday, very soon, I will no longer sit
but I will move with her in wisdom and in grace
and then, embodied in the child
the three of us shall become One.

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