very early healing pieces

Below you will find links to early healing poems , post trauma so not quite so full of the rawness of pain of my earliest pieces (those are in my own possession), but still prior to 2003.  Still, these speak loudly of where i was at that time. Many of them allude to the healing that Love was working within me. At the time, I understood this Love as God, Today, I might say it was an inner Love awakening and/or being released from where it had been hidden and distorted within me. Either way, Love heals. I am fully comfortable with not having to name it, defend it, ‘believe’ it, or be bound by it. I simply want to Be in the midst of it, whatever it is, or isn’t.

Certainly there have been times, like this, when I have needed the feeling of being Beloved, for healing and wholeness, and times when I have felt powerless in the face of my pain. But who knows from whence Love springs? Was that healing I received in those dark times from an external Being, or did I unlock that Love within myself? Does it matter?

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