you rain and rain upon me

till i am wet with you

my soil saturated

with your passion

and now i lay exposed

my fertile fields

rich with the humus of death recycled

fervantly await your seed

as i emanate these

earthy fragrances

of prayer


i cannot sing

i cannot dance

i cannot love


when i open my mouth

i remember

when i open my heart

i remember

when i move my feet

i remember


how my voice was ripped

out of my throat

how the trust was torn

out of my heart

how i was knocked down

to my knees

when i tried to dance


oh how shall i ever learn to love

when the memory of pain

makes my song of love become a dirge

the memory of fear

makes my dancing feet begin to run



i shall never sing


i shall never dance


i shall never love





You receive


ejaculations of my pain

urgent emanations of my soul

which rise within me

to become a swollen, aching need

to be released


And as I enter into You

you draw me ever deeper

embracing me

within your enveloping warmth

until i am absorbed


into mercy’s womb


and the raw potential

of my unleashed pain

is transformed somehow

by the passion of your love for me

within this uterine state of being

this sacred conjuncture

which conceives the pureness

of a new life born in You.

death valley

oh god,

how i long for you

to come

and rain upon my soul

yet each day

you pass overhead

with the promise of rain in your belly


and i have learned

that your promises are lies

for you withhold your blessing

in dark clouds of resistance

to my pleas

and dump your precious flood

upon higher plains

where fertile lands absorb the deluge


not a drop

penetrates  the depths

of this parched and dismal


where i live

enclosed by fierce formations

of my erupted pain


oh god,

can’t you see that i am here

in the darkness of this desiccated valley

or do my cries for rain

merely echo off these barren walls


oh how i long for you to come

to settle in my valley

with your promise laden clouds

to burst upon me

downpour upon me

inundate and saturate

this thirsty soil with your love






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