on eagle’s wings

i soar

as the eagle

with the rising sun

which pours its gold

upon these canyon walls

layers etched in time

exposed by fury’s rage

and painted with the colors

of my pain


the vista captivates

as it reflects the dawn

which pursues the shadows

and annihilates the darkness

and i revel in the vision

laid out before my eyes

the play of light upon

the excavation my pain


as i rise above the abyss

to glide on wings of grace

to swoop and climb

in flight’s majestic dance

my song of freedom

breaks the silence

as my voice echoes off the walls below


and i soar toward the aurora

which rises in glory before me

as i am lifted

by love’s wind beneath my wings

flute song

go back, my child

go back for your flute

do not weep

nor anguish over loss

simply go


fret not over time

remember time is nothing

we will wait for your return

so go and seek your flute

for the haunting ballad

of its primeval song

is calling you



we will light a fire

and patiently await

for we need  your flute

to join our circle with her song


we long for her mystic melody

to float like breath into our souls

entering the lungs

of our potential void

to expand

our capacity for love


we yearn for her haunting, woeful tones

to stir our passion

and to soothe our pain

as they whisper melancholy

reverberations of our sorrow

resonating with the echoes of our pain


and we desire her animated song

to inspire our dance

and exalt our pleasure

as it soars entrancing

undulations of  delight

resounding with the voices of our joy


so go

down the hill

around the hairpin turn

back to where you left it

and return to us

following the same path

but bring your flute this time


so we can mourn

so we can dance

so we can fill our lungs

and lift our voices

to the music of your soul

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