when i look into your eyes

i see the eyes of a child born

innocent in this world

and i wonder what they saw

to make them see

the world the way they do?

i wish i knew the answer to

what makes eyes that harm

eyes that see an enemy

or a friend

in me

eyes that see dark clouds

or rainbows in a storm

for i don’t understand somehow

how raised fists and open arms both

create eyes that crave for love

how both poverty and wealth

create eyes that hunger

how it is that rich protection

as well as stark survival both

make eyes that fear

how pain gives birth to both

the eyes of oppression and compassion

for i can somehow see

that beholding pain gives birth to eyes

of both the rapist and the saint

so tell me Dahmer, Ghandi

Hitler, Theresa

Jesus and dear mirror

what did your eyes see

to make you see

the world the way you do?






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