sleep of innocence

she slept

her innocent sleep

awakened in the dark

by fear

disguised as love

it came in dressed like daddy

and stifled cries of pain

with hands

that smelled like they could fix her

if she broke

and she learned

to sleep silently

in the arms of pain

if she wanted to be held by love

but there is no peaceful slumber

in her soul

merely the vigilant unrest

of one who knows

that just when she rolls over

with contentment’s sigh

reality’s nightmare will awaken

with its hot breath

to suffocate her dreams

yet she no longer fears

she simply knows

the numbing truth

that there is nothing

in this dark world of love

which can crawl into her bed

and make her scream

for pain can’t sneak up on her


she sees it lying there

underneath the covers


and embraced

by love

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