teaching little girls

we take our little girls
and we teach them
to be nice
to be friendly
and to please

we let them run
and jump
and tumble in the grass

but not too fast
and not too far
and never high enough
to escape


for then
we take our little girls
and tell them
don’t be too nice
don’t be too friendly
don’t be too pleasing

and never laugh too joyously
as you tumble in the grass

we say
you’ll be too nice
and attract evil
with your laughter
and then you’ll pay the price
for joy

and it will be your fault

we squash their freedom
we squash their spirits
we squash expression
and hope
and love
and joy

squeezed until they whimper
and then we stomp upon them

their soul
beaten from them
bled from them
with the onset
of monthly cycles

blessed cycles
which should give life
instead are cursed

and used to kill

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