drowning in a sea of love


your love washes o’er me

and suddenly

i can breathe

as i am drawn into the depths

of you



my hair billows

with the tide

as i rock gently on the waves

my body rising

soft upon the crest

of this contentment


your silken droplets


across my skin

to pool and flow

in rivulets of bliss

upon my breast


and i sigh


to inhale deeply

of your fluid warmth

as i drift into your depths

sinking slowly

until i am immersed in you


and you flow into me

rushing in

to fill the void

and i am drowning


in this swell

of you


playing with words


i wonder

where does creation end

and destruction begin

in the corruption of ideas


when does the gift of words

cross the line

from insightful

to incite-ful


is it when ste-wards of any gift

become concerned about re-wards

that consumption begins its reign




to pre-serve

we must put the needs of all before

the lusts of one

lest we risk the danger of serv-itude


for when progression is led

by the hand of aggression

transgression always follows


and i believe we are here to

complete the process of creation

not to merely deplete its procreation


so is it dominion

or communion which we choose


a fort-ress for our com-fort

or bridges between men

an abridgement

of indifference to differences


we can choose to make

cash from chaos

leaving out the circle

which connects us all




the same circle

which is removed from love

when “i” takes its place

allowing the mirror image

of evil to live


or we can choose to love

with passion

and compassion


to bless this disarray of life

and resolve this dissonant array

with an harmonious chord


for even anarchy

can be transformed

somehow to harmony

when we unravel the “ache” of separateness

to spin a yarn of home







Your love is like a red, red rose

which blooms upon the bleak terrain

of my discouraged soul


Despite the remote darkness of these forest depths

your solitary splendor welcomes me

with perpetuality


Amidst the obscure valleys of  impenetrable fog

your luminous blossom glows

enticingly to me


Within the frigid landscape of this frozen tundra

your love’s blossoom is ablaze

with your desire for me


Although the parched terrain of this arid desert

threatens desiccation

your blossom glistens moist with morning’s dew


And as you grace this grim terrain

with your tenacious blossom

it causes me to pause with awe and wonder


For to tenderly behold your rare and vibrant love

unyeilding to the harshness of the elements

here in this barren land


Sustains this bud of hope

and assures the footsteps of my wandering

as I journey ever onward

into the precious, priceless beauty of your love


flood of love

your love

flows as water

from a broken dam

to quench my parched terrain

and flood the empty canyons

of my being



empty streambeds

with rivulets of joy

and dried up cisterns

with cool and sparkling



the fingers of your passion

explore each crevasse and fissure

seeking particles of pain

and washing them away,

mere grains of sand

in this torrent of fresh water


and i am left

with the carved smooth surface

of my being

still wet with you

reflecting sunlight

even as it receives

the waters

of your precious flood


still you pour

yourself into me

an endless stream of love

which inundates my soul

till i spill over from the deluge

in these cascading


of joy









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