my water falls

in cascades of freedom

rushing with a sigh

o’er these canyon walls




            freely falling


i softly separate

as i tumble

into countless droplets

until i am

mere mist

miniscule prisms of light

through which i see

the colors

of many rainbows

as i gaze into my soul


and then

i come together

once again

to become one

deep, clear pool

of me


perfect love


how i long for you, tonight

for you alone have known me

like no other

and i yearn to be known again

to be connected to you

body, soul and mind


to have you listen to my heart

and comprehend what lies within

yet, even more than that, my lord

to have you treasure what is there

and desire more of what you see


oh, to be truly seen,

in precious totality

and to be entirely embraced

is to know your love


there is no other love

to match your perfect love

for you alone receive from me

all i have to offer

even as you bestow upon me

all you have to give

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