I thought I had arrived

in the land of milk and honey

but now i see

that it was merely an oasis

a cool draw of fresh water

for my thirsty soul

respite for travel weary limbs

for suddenly i turn around

and i am once again


a voice crying in the wilderness

lost again, i wander

in this desert sand’s chaotic whirlwind

which blinds my vision

and i wonder if it was merely a mirage

for it has disappeared from my horizon

disoriented, i attempt return

yet i can find no water here

and i cry out in desolate despair

till resolutely i rise again

to continue on my way

onward into You.

death’s call

sweet death

the others fear your call

yet i recognize your voice

it is the voice of Love

which beckons me to enter

for within your realm

there is a purity of feeling

which i cannot acheive here

in this place of pain

and i have heard you

calling out my name

not from a pit of darkness

but from a sphere of Light

inviting me to join

the celebration


cave dweller

you didn’t know

that i was here

until the surface of your world



you didn’t recognize

how sparsely vegetated

was your soil

where precious water was being


from your terrain


but as the water table dropped

from the long dry spells

the chambers grew more deeply within you

acid water

dissolving rock

carving holes within your soul


where i subsisted

on decaying matter


amidst delicate formations

grotesque beauty

created by the water’s impurity


blinded by the lack of light

in this subterranean world

i evolved this acute

sensitivity to touch

and with projected and reflected

waves of energy

i see




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