hideous monster

this hideous monster

this terrible beast

with her ugly matted fur

and her haunting yellow eyes

attacks with feral rage

with vicious claws

and gnashing teeth

she roars

and rules this forest of terror

this wretched creature

that comes to devour me each night

she is so grotesque

they turn their eyes in disgust

and she frightens them all away

they hide from her

and they tremble

and they cover their mouths

to prevent the bile from rising

for she is so repulsive

and she reeks of rotting flesh

from the festering wound in her side

where the knife was plunged into her

before they carried her into the forest

and she despises them all

and attacks with unbridled rage

those who dare get too close

to protect herself from their weapons

then goes back inside

deep into the forest

to wail at the moon

alone in the dark

she curls into her lair

to whimper and cry




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